Friday, April 16, 2010


ahha,lamenye x update my blog.kemalasan melanda diriku ini.hukhuk.before this,i ad story about the sector A's dinner rite??i ingat nk upload gmbr time dinner tu,tp gmbr2 tu x clear,x jadila nak upload.

btw,i pegi BS Dinner on 13 April (Tuesday) yg lepas.location is Dewan Sri Peria.tema "Rock on The Red Carpet".now,let's take a look at my pitca..:)

table no. 11..reserved!!

otw nak balik pon still sempat amek gmbr..hihi.. 2 pic saje??haha..i xleh nak upload byk2 coz more than 50% of my pitca is blur (camera's setting problem) and did not meet my specification in order to upload here.look,i just wear the attire that i used to wear for the takpe,yang penting make up mesti grand.ececehh..

*credit to my roommate, mira coz make up kan i..:)

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