Friday, April 2, 2010



i luv pink and blue color.both are very beautiful color.that's why my blog's background is a combination of pink and blue colour.sorry for those who are allergic to these colour.can't help you..eheh~

*nah,i prove it.betul x pink and blue color is a very beautiful color?tu la,sape sowh x percaya.sila abaikan LG LOLLIPOP yg color hitam tu.


*i luv mcflurry x slaloo dpt mkn ni.kalau outing,baru dapat beli.amacam,look tasty kan??i suka beli mcflurry yg ad sape2 yg nk belanja i??hihi..:)


basically,i listen to all type of music.but mostly i listen for their songs...

*DBSK @ TVXQ @ TOHOSHINKI.this group have many names right?i always listen to their song 'Love in the Ice'.

*FT ISLAND.this is band group.i luv their song which is titled 'After Love'.

*SUPER JUNIOR.they had come to Malaysia on 20 March 2010.i like their song which is titled 'Sorry Sorry'.

*SNSD @ GIRLS GENERATION.i like to listen 'Genie' from them.

*2PM.lately,i enjoy listen their song which is titled 'Back to You'.

*WONDER GIRL.haa,inilah group yg nyanyi lagu 'Nobody'.omputih pon suka that ERA slaloo putarkan the english version of that little sister sangat suka that song.i pon suke jugak..:)

all the group that i mention above semuanya adalah,you all mesti nak cakap yang i sangat suka dengar lagu korea kan?ahha,that's correct!!:)

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