Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i want my TPT 250's past sem papers back!!

goshh!!it is my fault to lent my TPT 250's past sem papers to that know,i ended up by asking my friends for the past sem in form of soft copy.unfortunately,my friend just have the hard copy.oh,poor me.and now,i'm trying do download the past sem from uitm's digital library.whoaa,i'm shock!!there are a lot of change of digital library.i'm exploring it is easier to use rather than before.i'm not lying,ok.

tomorrow's plan is,my friend and i wants to go for outing.where??as usual,just around segamat area.wanna take 'something' from the bus station and buy gift for my becoming graduate buddies.OMG,am i really at the end of my last sem?seems like i just register for sem 1, yesterday.i still can recall the situation during the registeration day at DST...MMS activities...and many more..

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