Sunday, April 18, 2010

external hard disk

oh,oh..bestnyerrr.finally,yesterday i get my external hard disk after waiting for a long's ok tunggu lame2 asalkan dapat..hehe.btw,i get my external just in the right time coz my lappy is quite full right now.full dengan ape??haa,itu yang kte x tau tuh..-->ayat khir rahman dlm citer los and faun..hikhik.ehem,thnx for my roommate,mira yang tolong belikan external ni.i get this 320 gb's external for just rm180..erm,it's cheap rite??yep,it's absolutely cheap because my friend beli yg 300 gb for rm250.ok,my beloved external..berkhidmat baik2 ye dengan i..hakhak..:))

haa, macam ni lah rupa external hard disk.tapi this one is not usual,i just google it..:)

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