Thursday, April 29, 2010

plan accomplish!!

yep,my today's plan which is to go outing and bla,bla,bla (as i story at yesterday's entry) is accomplish.i do buy a gift for my roommates and my close is just an ordinary gift.ottokae,i'm not good in choosing a,i'm thinking to touch up that don't know yet.OMG,i'm really not a creative can i touch up that ordinary gift?haishh..i don't want my friends dissappointed when they get to see my gift.

hurm,frankly saying that the gift which is i wanna give my friend is from deep in my got what i mean?yah,i mean even the gift value in RM is cheap or it looks very ordinary,but when our niat is ikhlas,that gift's value become much valuable than it's actual value in RM or from it looks.i hope my friends will appreciate the gift that i'll give them because me,myself do appreciate the gift that people give can't believe it?oh,whateverrr.

*before balik outing,we all,masing2 beli KFC.hari ni i puasa,nampaknya berbuka dengan KFC lah ye.hihi.suka suka suka:)

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