Tuesday, April 27, 2010

two papers left!!

paper transport and selling.and then,i can back to homeee!!!wee~as usual,i'm not started to do a revision yet.transport is on 3rd of may.another five days to go.woohoo,right now i'm trying to watch movie as much as possible because i want to delete it from my lappy.hahaha..i like damn much to delete something from my lappy.

lately,i'm so pissed off with the internet connection.how come we (students) can't get the internet connection?oh,maybe the management people want us to focus on study only.that's really not us.huh,yuckss!!

i'm currently listening to 2PM's song Without U.i can't upload the MV here because the internet is so slow even i'm online using broadband.do check this song out.it is a nice song plus the smart dance move.hihi~

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