Saturday, May 8, 2010


THE LAST DAY have many definition for me.

1. Last day as diploma in business study student (as long as i tak jadi next sem's repeaters.hoh,plis jauhkanlah).

2. Last day with my friends yg ku kenali di UiTM Segamat ni.thnx for all the memory and sorry for all the mistake.hopefully we can meet again.

3. Last day final exam which is paper MKT 361 a.k.a Selling.lepas abis paper petang ni dah boleh balik umah yess!!

4. Last day beli makanan kt blok I.erk,ni pon kena mention jugak tau.hehe..

5. Last day study at Johor(especially UiTM Segamat)??i'm not sure.course yg i apply for degree xde kat Segamat.ceh,bajet cam sure je dpt smbg degree.but i hope so..i wanna further my study until degree,at least until degree.

next is last ape ek?ah,cukuplah ni.erm,x taula ble i akan buat next entry coz kalo balik umah,b'makna x dpt internet.kalo x dpt internet b'makna x dapat nak on9.and then ble x dpt nk on9,x dptla i nak update blog ni...

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