Thursday, March 17, 2011

the best present ever for the lucky draw!

hi my pretty and handsome readers =)

i wanna ask something. normally, what will we get for a lucky draw?

yeah, just a simple present for instance; hamper, tupperware, good morning towel and such.

did you know that people who went to the WACANA CINTA AGAMA, BANGSA DAN NEGARA at DEWAN AGONG TUANKU CANSELOR, UiTM SHAH ALAM last night has a chance of getting ticket for SUPER JUNIOR's CONCERT which will be held at STADIUM PUTRA BUKIT JALIL on this saturday?

oommjjaayy!! what a lucky person if get that ticket. for your information, it is not the normal ticket. but it is a VIP ticket! suddenly i feel

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