Monday, March 14, 2011


amacam, nampak cam gempak je tajuk entry ni kan? kan? kan? hehe. okay, let's we just straight to the point. i wanna make a confession that i actually........a big fan of a band named FT ISLAND. it's a korean band. i just read something about the former FT ISLAND which is Oh Won Bin. well, he just debut with Japanese mini album. check out his music video for the song titled C'mon Girl..

* that one with red circle is Oh Won Bin.

*this is a current member of FT ISLAND. that one at the left replace Oh Won Bin.OMG!OMG! Jonghoon is so handsome (the guy at the right).

* as usual, i can't upload the video here..ciss! hehe.

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KinosKoko said...

suka lagu diorg..heee