Sunday, March 27, 2011


training title: fly to catch the fitness (frisbee training).
date of training: 24/3/2011.
venue: padang kolej seroja.

a picture tell a thousand words~
enjoy my collection of pictures during this training :)

briefing about how to play frisbee by the organizer.

everybody is listen very carefully to the briefing.

warming up time!

learning how to play frisbee.

listen to the instructor words about how to play frisbee in a match.

a few poyo's girls is making discussion about the strategy to play frisbee in a match.

playing time!

the first place goes to SADC's group.

second goes to BUBBLE BEE's group.

OMG! the third place goes to my group, THE CHOOSEN ONE.

the organizer of this training, RTD.
(you see the two guys at the in front? they holding a disk. that is the thing that we use in playing frisbee).

for overall, their training is very fun! i wish i could play frisbee again :)

*yang xleh bla nyer..time tengah match, boleh pulak saya tiba2 kuar dari padang sebab nak tukar pemain. sepatutnya saya kena inform kat pengadil dulu pasal nak tukar pemain..hihihi..

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