Sunday, March 27, 2011


let me explain this entry. actually i just wanna show you what has i done for this past 2 weeks. for this semester, we (refer to my classmate and i) have human resource development subject that required us to conduct a training program. we are divided by 4 groups. each group are required to conduct different training program. these pictures is regarding training program that already being conducted by the first group, which is my group! :)

group name: THE CHOOSEN ONE.
training title: making handicraft to gain side income.
date of training: 17/3/2011.
venue: AC750 (faculty of business administration).

our trainee consist of our classmates. we train them on how to make simple handicraft such as paper bag and bracelet, which is can be sold to gain side income.

rational of conducting this kind of training program?
~we are human resources practitioner in the making. this training program is like a mock training program for us to conduct. basically in the real job as human resources practitioner, there is one scope called employee development. human resources practitioner is in charge of creating suitable training program for employees in order to develop their KSAO's (knowledge, skills, abilities and others) which is can result in improvement of their job performance and also organization performance.

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