Sunday, April 3, 2011


hai my handsome and pretty readers *wink wink* :)

hurm, its almost a week since my last entry, right?

actually, i have a lot of thing to be settle down.

thats why i have to ignore this blog for a while.

actually, as of now i still have a lot of thing to be settle *sigh*.

you want a new story?

okay, i just come back from OPKIM, yesterday.

it take place at PUCHONG, SELANGOR (er, is there any other PUCHONG in Malaysia?)

to be specific, it take place at Kampung Kenangan, Kampung Tengah, Kampung Batu 13,, as far as i know it just involve three Kampung. but the organizer there said it involve six Kampung. so, i dont know which one is true. okay, anyone here from that Kampung? raise your laptop, now! hehe :p

hurm, i think no need for me to story the whole experience that i got.

can i just go to the conclusion? hihi..

i stay at my adopted parents which is warga emas with another two of my friends. actually, my adopted parents bukan orang senang. i feel very sympathy to my adopted parents especially because they dont have child. besides, my adopted father is quite nyanyuk. at first, the organizer there dont want to give us to them because of that kind of condition. but they insist to have adopted child. frankly saying, the first time i enter their house i was like 'OMG, why i should be here? why not another person?' i felt like to run away. their house is in a good condition, but not as good as my house. i try to calm down and said 'come on daya, give a try!'. Alhamdulillah, i can go through these three days at the house. on the last day, we (included my classmates that involve in this OPKIM) take a breakfast at my adopted parents house. we hope it can make them feel happy to see us. besides, we also give barangan dapur and such in order to help them.

anyway, this is a very new thing that i experienced. before this, i never stay with adopted family. i feel lucky to have this kind of experience because i'm not sure whether i will get this kind of experience again or not after this. end.

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