Friday, April 15, 2011


today is the last day i had class for this semester. yeahh!! and now i'm counting day to final examination. hmm carry mark like hell! damn. i should struggle on final exam. oh let me rephrase it. i must struggle on final exam. okay, this would be the right sentences :)

now lets be serious!
i'm going to share with you a real story.
its about orang muda ramai yang mati secara mengejut.

this is a story about my roommate's friend. it would be a tragic story. this story happened during my roommate's course dinner...geomass (the club for geomatic's students). dinner should be a happening event, right? but their dinner end, i don't know how to explain it. one of the student passed away after the dinner. it starts during the dinner when she's experiencing shortness of breath. sesak nafas. she had asthma, unfortunately on that night she forgot to bring along her inhaler. at the end, she could not manage it anymore and then she passed away. it sure be a shocked news especially for those who attend the dinner. she's just 24 (if i'm not mistaken). ah, apa yang ada pada umur?? ajal maut di tangan tuhan. kalau dah ajal, even she's not at that dinner...she will passed away. anyway, semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman. oh, one interesting story about her...she converted (christian-->Islam). as for now, her parents still christian. okay, that's all. end.

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Bro Azqar said...

ewmm.. sudah takdir dia.. hope dia selamat di lindungi-NYA ;)Insyallah