Tuesday, May 10, 2011


assalamualaikum and hi to all of you.
how's your day? hope you all doing well :)

i wanna tell you that i've been looking for this day since 27th April.

today is...

my last final examination day!! pheww~

yeah, i just finished my last exam paper which is Human Resources Management and Technology on 12.00 pm at Dewan Sri Bendahara. hm it also means that my semester 4 is at end. so, good bye sem 4! -->happy mood

i haven't sleep since 2.30 am until the minutes i enter the exam hall. what i'm doing is to cram for just a several hours before the exam start and to 'vomit out' what i've cram before and then after the exam finished...er, forget it all afterwards. oh please, i hope this is so not me. LOL ;P

*this is happen to me on every examination...hahaha. kbkk is done.

okay now...

inhale. exhale.

but do not too happy, because i'm going to have my intersession which is start on 16th May if i'm not mistaken. so, welcome intersession! -->force happy mood (oh, please bring back my happy mood!). hm intersession is not too bad because i'm going to be around my friends, again! (yeay, i got my happy mood back!).

i guess that's all for today.

till then :)

*i got those picture from the random tumblr that i've passed by. tq.


gadis melayu said...

mmg best rase ble exam dh abes.. huhuhu..^_^

miss enigma said...

ahha..betul tu, coz no more stress during exam! ;p

アヌム ちゃん~~ said...

welcome sem 5 :)