Friday, June 3, 2011

Kebanyakan perempuan cantik adalah SELEKEH!!

hello peeps! :D

it's been a week since my last post.

see my entry title?

okay, i'm a girl. a woman. but by typing this entry, that's not mean that i have any intention to condemn those with the same gender with me okayy??

anyway, this is a reality. when you see a hot and pretty and beautiful and gorgeous and marvellous and woman out there, do not ever think that they're as 'pretty' as that when they're at college's room or at home. yep, their face is always pretty whether make up or not. so, 'pretty' here refer to their behavior, their daily routine.


because some of them are very lazy and very selekeh. for a very simple example when they ate maggie using bowl, after a few days or almost a week you will see that bowl is still not washed yet. their cliche excuse is no time to wash it, busy with assignment and etc. but it is funny to think that they have plenty of time to put on make up on their face while they have no time to wash just a bowl.

another example?

you can create the other example by your own, since i think you also have experience on this. maybe you have a hot and pretty and beautiful and gorgeous and marvellous roommate or housemates that are very lazy and selekeh. or even yourself like that...err maybe...LOL :D

anyway, it is a common thing that happen to everyone. i mean everyone have their bad side like lazy and selekeh. but do improve it yaww!

i guess that's all for today.



nohfee said...

seriously TRUE.~~

ina said...

sgt..sgt..dan sgtlah tepat!! xske dpt roomate rjin make up tp PEMALAS~ huh