Tuesday, October 4, 2011


hello readers! =D

okay, it's been a while...erk? tak berapa nak while sangatlah. hehe. it almost one month since my last post. well, what can i do...i can't stop myself from ignoring this blog since i discovered tumblr which is kind of blog too. see...macam habis madu sepah di buang kan? =D

however, i don't have any intention to delete this blog because i loveee my blog! hihi.

oh ya, did you know about Korean Music Wave 2011 which was held in Stadium Merdeka on last week (24th Sept)?? guess what, my favourite korean band FT ISLAND was there! OMG rasa macam nak pengsan bila dapat tahu diorang datang Malaysia. even tak dapat tengok diorang perform on stage pun takpe asalkan tahu yang diorang ada kat Malaysia...hee~

hurm, i think thats all for now.


haa inilah FT ISLAND.

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