Friday, December 9, 2011


hello readers! =D

it's been quite a long time since my last post. like usual, i got the 'blogger disease', too lazy to update. blogger disease??!! wah, it sounds terrible right? hehe. hm what if i twist a little bit the sentences 'too lazy to update' because i don't like the word lazy. so what it should be...don't have courage to update?? hahaha. okay, whatever! (purposely waste your time to read this crap)-->evil laugh

now let's move to the main topic 'friend request'. i bet all of you own a facebook account. what, you don't have any?? oh please, its so not in trend guys! okay, chill. maybe some of us don't want to have any facebook account because of their own reason. i dedicated this post ( i think it more to discussion) for those who own a facebook account.

dear facebooker, what your opinion about friend request?

1. did you approve all the friend request on facebook even a request from someone that you don't know?
2. if your previous answer is YES/NO, what is your justification?

tengok, da macam soalan exam pulak dah. ooppss, terkeluar BM mak! hehe =)

some of us tend to approve all the friend request even from someone that they don't know. and also add friend to someone that they don't know. i don't really understand this. how you react to each other on facebook huh?

i used to approve friend request from those that i don't know, but i think it turn to be awkward when their facebook name appear on my facebook home and i ask myself, WHO IS THIS PERSON, HUH?? and start from that moment, i strictly approve those who i know only, or at least those from the same school with me even i don't really know them because there are a big gap between us. big gap is like i'm too senior and they too junior.

that is my opinion about friend request. what, nobody ask for my opinion about friend request?? hahaha. anyway, different person has different opinion about friend request. so, if you don't mind to share...what is your opinion about friend request??

i think that's all for now.


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