Tuesday, February 28, 2012


'i want a milk tea', said the chinese student to the drink-maker. *but the milk pronunciation is quite weird because it sound like ''muilk''. so what happen is the drink-maker don't get it and he said, 'tak faham tak faham' sambil menggeleng kepala. coincidently, i was there and i get what the student said. then i told the drink-maker , 'dia nak air teh susu' *while thinking in my head, eh ada ke air teh susu? bukan ke selalunya orang order air teh??* and quickly i correct my word, 'eh, bukan air teh susu lah. dia nak air teh'. settled. then i place an order for my drink...air putih suam! =)

that's all. cheers!~

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