Thursday, April 19, 2012


Yesterday, Libresse’s Team was in UPM, Serdang for the promotion. My friends and I drop by to their booth while we on our way to the café for brunch. We aim to get the free sample of Libresse product. Wait a minute, you know what the product right?? LOL. So, in order to get that free sample, we are required to fill up a form and we have to collect two “cop” from two checkpoint. We go to the first checkpoint for the first “cop” and then we enter the café for brunch! We are so hungry, thus, the mission to collect the second “cop” is to be continued after brunch…

After brunch, we go to the second checkpoint to collect the second “cop”. At this checkpoint, we are required to log in to our facebook and like Libresse page. After that we go to the last checkpoint where we are given that free sample! To get that free sample, they give one more “cop”, not on the form but at the back of my hand! Hmm whatever..finally I manage to get that free sample..hehe.

But wait…I see something on the table where they put that free sample. It’s a lovely bookmark with the words of wisdom. I want that bookmark then I ask them, “Why don’t you give me that bookmark??” They said, “Owh, you have to write something about Libresse on this..(while show a small notebook)”. So, I wrote..Stay fresh with Libresse! And yeah, I got that bookmark..hehe. Owh wait a minute, I see something next to the bookmark. I don’t know what is that thing thus I ask them, “What is that??”. They said, “Owh, it’s a mug pad..if you wanna this, you have to answer a question about Libresse”. Me, “Alright, what is the question?”. The question is about DFC (a features on Libresse product). I think I answer it “cincai-boncai” but at the end I manage to get that mug pad! Oh let me rephrase, my friends and I manage to get the bookmark and the mug pad..hehe.

Next, we play a game. I don’t know how to describe the game but I enjoy the game a lot! At the end of the game, we are required to roll the big dice (there are a pics of free gift that will be given to us on the surface of the dice). I roll the dice and I manage to get a pouch! I choose the pink color pouch. My friends also manage to get a pouch. Alright, end of the Libresse story. And we go back to the office bring the free gift with smiley face..happily ever after..LOL! =D

1- Libresse free sample.
2- The bookmark.
3- The mug pad.
4- The pouch.

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