Thursday, April 5, 2012



Exactly a month after the first meeting, today i went to Shah Alam for the second meeting with my advisor on 11 a.m. I went to Shah Alam by train and guess what, i arrived in KL Sentral on 7.15 a.m. could you see, how early and excited i am?? hahaha. strolling around the KL Sentral early in the morning is not very interesting since almost all the booth are not open yet. first thing first, i bought something for breakfast from one of the booth there but guess what, i end up in Mc Donald and of course i bought something else for the breakfast =D


At night, i end up in Mc Donald again. but this time, with my friend. we eat McD Chicken Porridge before we go back to our place. *sigh* whenever i go to Shah Alam, it's surely being the tired day..



kaki mcd ke hehee

MJ said...

pergi shah alam memang memenatkan.