Sunday, April 29, 2012


Alright, here comes the newest wedding invitation card. Such a lovely card comes together with a nice smells, it’s undoubtedly from her who has high taste in everything! hehe. Frankly saying, I’ve been waiting for this card since last week. It’s from Kak Eifa, my senior during secondary school. Gosh, Kak Eifa is getting married! Why is everyone leaving me alone and getting married?? Don’t you know that you’re gonna suffer for the rest of your life with the same person??! Hahaha =D

Whatever it is, special wishes should go to the bride & groom-to-be:
Selamat pengantin baru, Kak Eifa & Dr. Hj. Harith =)

*huh, I just noticed that I’ve got two wedding invitation on the same date! the other invitation is from Kak Pae, my coursemate. She invited me at early of this year, it was a long time ago and it was before I get invitation from Kak Eifa. Hmm, one is in Terengganu and one is in Negeri Sembilan and I stuck in Selangor between these states! LOL. oh, I should rephrase the wishes: Selamat pengantin baru to both couples! =D

--> new update: i just checking on the facebook and i've got another wedding invitation exactly on the same date. it's from Kak D, my senior during diploma and the wedding reception will be held in Johor. (perlu ke perenggan ni buat tulisan kaler merah, motif?? hehe)

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