Sunday, May 27, 2012


Last Saturday my family and I was in Sg. Petani, Kedah for our relative wedding ceremony. We leave home at 7 o'clock in the morning. It was a long journey, more than 300 km and takes about 5 hour to arrive there (included the time we spend at the R&R). We had drop by at several R&R along our journey. R&R Sg. Petani was the last place that we drop by at for Solat Zuhur and changing outfit. Mmhhmmm...I'm sure that I'll remember (like forever!) this R&R. Guess what, I unintentionally left my tudung at the Surau there. Not only one tudung, but two! My favourite tudung...Syria in grey and black colour. Oh, how careless I am! I just realize that the tudungs was not in the car when we're almost arrive at the Cameron Highland (we are heading to the CH after the wed ceremony). What to do?? Geraammm sangat rasanya, tapi Redha je la kan. Hopefully those who found will take a good care of it on my behalf. Good bye my tudungs, I'm sure that I'll be having a problem in finding suitable tudungs to go work. However, I'll promise that I'll replace you (refer to the tudungs) as soon as possible...heheh =D  *aaaarrrgghh geramnyerrrr cane lah boleh tertinggaaallll!!* --> aik, bunyi macam tak redha je ni...huhu.

Okay arr, that's all...papai!

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