Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Yesterday, I was in my office (ex-office, actually) to settle out a few thing such as drop the log book and  evaluation form. The supervisor for my industrial training said that she feel unfair because didn't expose me on what the human resource management field really are. The thing that I do throughout my industrial training is actually a clerk job. Huh come on, why only now you feel like that? No matter what, it's done. Done.

Speaking of I actually done clerk job, it does not mean that I learn nothing about human resource management throughout my industrial training. The truth is, I start the industrial training with zero and now I finish the industrial training with something  in my head about human resource management. Besides, I become more alert on the issue arise pertaining to human resource management field.

Tomorrow, I have to go to the office (ex-office, actually) again to collect back the log book and evaluation form. Ya Allah, hopefully my supervisor is not too strict in giving marks on my industrial training. Ameen. 

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