Wednesday, June 26, 2013


AsSalam readers! :)

What a hectic days, yesterday and today. But still can't challenge with the hecticness at weekend. Working in retailing field is like that. Everyday is a busy day. But it's fun, because we gotta meet with different people (customer) everyday. Different people, different behavior, different way of thinking and etc. Mingle around a lot of people is definitely very interesting, I like that.

Ahem. The actual purpose for this entry is to highlight a conversation that I had today. So, this is the details of the conversation:

S     : @#%$%& (mumbling something to me)
Me   : Ape?? (while looking at S)
S     : (He look at me and said..) Ehh, kenapa muka you ada itu jerawat. kasi bersih lah..
Me   : (With a cynical smile, how dare you to talk to me about my jeghawat?! then I said..) Diam lah S.. (walking away            from him, without looking at his face)

Just a short conversation, but succeed to pissed me off. Grrr.

Girls / women are beauty conscious by nature. Having an acne is actually something they dislike. Thus, if you talk about her acne, it seems as if you disrespect her. As if you said directly to her "You don't wash your face cleanly!" That was an insult bro.

So, moral of the story: Guys, don't you ever dare to talk about a girl's / woman's acne to her because she will definitely...

# I think that's all for now. See ya in the next entry. Cheers! :)

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