Wednesday, June 19, 2013


A few months ago, I bought a watch especially for my Convocation Day. Truth to be told, that was the most expensive watch I've ever had to date. The function of that watch is to be captured during my convocation (on-stage). So that, the picture will turn out to be more formal la konon-kononnya.

The watch is a fully stainless steel (metal). Truth to be told, I'm allergic to that kind of material. But still, I bought that watch because I have a thought that such an expensive watch will not affect me. 

But I'm wrong, so wrong! That watch is gradually showing its color these days. My wrist is getting itchy and I think it's time for me to get another watch, of course not a fully stainless steel one!

Or another option, I'll just wear my previous watch. That will be better, yes, I do love my previous watch which cost double or triple cheaper than that fully stainless steel watch.

I think that's is all for now. cheers!

# In life, we should go for what suit us the best. I opt for the cheapest watch instead of the expensive one. Apa gunanya pakai jam tangan mahal tapi pergelangan tangan gatal-gatal kan??

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