Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The situation:

You standing in a crowded shop,

People walking past you,

You walking past them,

You looking around,

You see many people - different gender, race, age and etc.

but they did not grab your attention at all.

They look common to you. Very common.

Until a woman come in,

You can't take your eyes off her.


Simply because she has a dimples on her cheek.

A deep dimples which make a perfect smile.

That is what we call as selective attention.

You pay attention to something you find attractive.

In this case, you are attracted to the dimples.

If it is not because of the dimples, she might not grab your attention at all.

Do you realize that you also practice selective attention in your life?

For your information,
selective attention is actually the first step of making perception.

Thus, you surely passed this step before you make any perception.

No exception! LOL~

Till then, see ya in the next entry!

# Today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today. Today, I've done my very best. Can't wait for tomorrow! ihhiks :)

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