Saturday, July 20, 2013


There’s one girl in my workplace, I don’t know how other people think of her but I think she is a ‘meroyan’ girl. Seriously, I don’t know what her problem is but whenever it comes to me, she becomes a ‘meroyan’ girl.

Today, she showed the ‘meroyan-ness’ in front of one of my colleagues. It’s around 7.20 pm when people are busy to berbuka puasa. Obviously, there are not many customers in my workplace. So, I said to her “akak keluar sekejap ye”. I mean, get out from the cashiering area (I’m a cashier). I get out from the cashiering area because I want to help a customer to find a comic for her son (her son is very excited to find that comic, seriously). By the way, the title of that comic is Ultra Qalif. Come on, it’s near the time to berbuka puasa so that I want to make it faster for that customer to find the comic. But what she says?

“Haa keluarlah, keluar. Semua orang nak keluar. Ingat aku sorang je ke nak duduk kat sini?”

Of course she said that together with an annoying face expression… ish ish ishh

I just gave her a weird look. Deep in my heart, “today, this girl is too much”. But I comfort myself by saying, “never mind, just ignore her because she doesn’t know that you get out from the cashiering area to help a customer”.

Alright, done that part.

About one of my colleagues, he heard what that girl is saying to me. And then he asks, “Laa kenapa? Bukannya ramai customer pun”. I think he also doesn't understand why that girl says that.

True. What the person who has interviewed me nearly two months ago said is totally true. "Entering a working place is like entering a jungle", he said. There are wild and tame animals in it. So does a working place. There are variety characteristics of colleagues in our workplace. Some are nice to us, some pretending to be nice to us and some…..? (You can put whatever answer you want in the blank space). Umm, shall I considering that girl as a wild animal? LOL.

I believe this happens for a reason. Perhaps Allah sent this girl to test my patience. Who knows?

That's all for now, see ya in the next entry. Cheers!

# Kema's  pavlova was superb!

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