Saturday, July 13, 2013


AsSalam readers!

A few days ago, someone asked me about the basic salary for my current job. I told her and then she asked, “why the basic salary is so low?’’ She even recommended another job with high basic salary. I smiled while shook my head. I said, “No, I’d rather finish what I’ve started”.

Salary is important but working experience is priceless.

The point here is, I know salary is very important. But working experience is priceless. If you’re a fresh graduate who looking for a job, I highly recommend you to gain working experience first. Avoid from being too choosy in finding job. Grab whatever job opportunity that you get.

Basically, an employer opt for an employee with greater working experiences. So that, if you’re a person with many working experiences, chances for you to be hired for any relevant vacancy is high. If you’re a college or university student, working during semester break is a good starter in preparing your working experiences portfolio (resume).

You know what, there is a section for working experiences in a resume. Employer will definitely want to know about your working experiences so that it will be easier for them to match the job candidates to a job vacancy in their organization.

Start small will get low salary but will equip you with essential traits a leader should have.

If you’re a fresh graduate, you probably have a thought of being employed in a well-known organization, for a high level position and of course with high salary. How about this thought, “Prepare yourself for a high level position by starting from below and gradually climb up the ladder towards the high level position” Do you agreed with this thought?

I think, in whatever we do it is wise if we start from below instead of jump to the top. Same goes to the working matter. Yes, do select a well-known organization and start working from below. As you gradually climb up the ladder towards the high level position, you will get many working experiences and of course together with the salary increment. 2 in 1 package,  woww!

Besides, if started from below, you’ll get firsthand experience of the low level position. Later, if you are hired for a high level position, you know how to handle those working in low level position in a better way because you’ve been in their position. Started from below is undoubtedly will equip you with essential traits a leader should have. Been there makes you a good leader in the making!

I think that's all for now. See ya in the next entry, cheers!

# by the way, Ramadhan Kareem to all Muslim :)

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