Sunday, August 4, 2013


AsSalam readers! :)

So, we are entering the 27th Ramadhan 1434 Hijrah. How's your Ramadhan, so far? Hopefully everything went well to date :)

As for today's feelings:

** Alhamdulillah, I'm so grateful because I'm still breathing up to this 27th Ramadhan.

** I'm also grateful because I'm able to make this entry despite of my tiredness (seriously, my eyes is about to close but I'll try to finish this entry).

** I'm so happy because we are about to enter Syawal month but... at the same time I'm feeling sad because      Ramadhan is about to leave us...

** My working schedule said that I have to work on the second day of Syawal --> I'm not sure either to feel happy or what about this... umm

** I'm so happy because I'd break fast with the friends of my primary school. 

** I'm so happy knowing that I'm going to start working in my real workplace as I've been placed into at the very first but... I'm feeling sad because I have to leave those people in my temporary workplace...

** I'm so happy because since my Ayah knew that tomorrow is my off day, Ayah is asking me if I want to go buy ingredients to make biskut raya... woww of course la I nak! hekhek

Alright, I think that's all for now.

See ya in the next entry. Cheers!

# The positive feelings outweigh the negative feelings, I guess.

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