Friday, November 8, 2013

8 NOVEMBER 2013.

This is what we call as birthday celebration 7 in 1! LOL. Thank you Haninah for this lovely and delicious cake. I’m actually been stalking on your Facebook for the cake made by you. I’ve been thinking on ordering your masterpiece but I just didn't find the right time to do so. Until a day before yesterday, I decided to order your masterpiece simply because:

1: Actually, I wanted to try both double indulgence chocolate cake and pecan heaven cake and the above set come out right on time so that I can save amount of $$ from buying a whole double indulgence chocolate cake and a whole pecan heaven cake.. hehe

2: My family members are all at home, so that it would be just a perfect time for me to buy your masterpiece because we can enjoy it together J

3: Truth to be told, I’m actually not buying the cake for my birthday celebration because my family and I didn't celebrate birthday. In fact, I cut the cake before the clock turn 00.00 am @ 8 November 2013.

Thank you for the special price.. hehe.. and you know what, I didn't expect you to decorate the cake like that.. lawa Haninah, lawa! simple yet attractive. Insya Allah I'll order your masterpiece again after this :)

Till then, papaii

# click here to order her masterpiece :)

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