Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Rant on Korean Drama - Train to Busan.

Hello - I'm back!
I was thinking about writing on the topic 'first impression'. Then, I changed my mind because I just watched 'Train to Busan' a few days ago and this film still quite fresh on my mind so yeahh let's give an insight into this film.
Well, I don't have any idea that this film is actually about zombie. Korean zombie! It's been an ages since the last time I watch such film which is 'Zombie Kampung Pisang'.. hahaa. That was during my high school days.
The plot starts quite slow, suddenly about 15 minutes of watching.. the zombies appear at the train station! Then the plot expand very quickly where one by one been infected by the zombie virus. The scenes focusing on what happen on a train heading to Busan.
The most breath taking scene is when the zombies trying to attack the other passengers on the train. How those passengers try to survive on the train with other passengers that has been infected with zombie virus. They keep on running to the other side of the train where nobody been infected yet.
Here, we could see some of the passengers being selfish. They just want to save themselves to the extend they willing to sacrifice others life. However, there are also some passengers being considerate of others.
In the end, only 2 people survived and arrived in Busan after so many struggle along the way.
Foot notes/ questions:
1. How did the zombie virus been spreading? What is the cause to the zombie virus? -  The film only shows 2 staff spraying a lorry in order to clean the lorry body from any leakage from their plant. Then the lorry driver accidentally bumped into a dog/ deer. Surprisingly the dog/ deer still alive as if it never been bumped by a lorry!
2. What happen after those 2 people arrived in Busan? Did zombie virus stops like that? Busan is free from zombie virus? - I heard that this film is going to have sequel.
3. I like the way they portray those zombies. I mean, like seriously how did they film this?? Those chaotic situation on the train really took my breath away!
4. Did you know, there is a parody video of Train to Busan trailer? #rollingonthefloorlaughing
Check out this link:
Alright, that is all for now.. ciow!

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