Monday, October 3, 2016

First impressions.

Hello, I'm back! :)

Have you ever heard about first impression?
So, what it is actually the first impression?
** Do not answer, those are rhetorical questions ;p

First impression is an interesting topic, I shall go into it directly. So, according to my dictionary:

First impression is the very first thought that you developed when you meet someone new.

The thought is usually developed within 6-7 seconds of meeting.

Imagine you are an interviewer. When the interviewee come in for an interview, what is the first thing that you will notice?

I shall separate this into 2 stages:

First stage (non-verbal):
Is it the way they dressed up?
The way they walking into the room?
Their facial expression?
The way they sit?

Second stage (verbal):
Is it their voice?
The way they talking?
Their body gesture when they talking?
The eye contact when talking?

The first stage is very important. That is when the first 6-7 seconds are in. You get to see how your future employee would dressed up for work. You get to see if your future employee has potential to be a leader or a follower. You get to see if your future employee is friendly or not, whether you could get along with them or not.

But to decide whether to hire them or not based on the first stage is not a wise thing to do. This is when the second stage come in. You will evaluate  their voice, their body gesture, eye contact when talking. Considering first impression from both stages plus the knowledge, experience and the attitude, there you go to decide whether to hire them or not.

Don't you think that I'm a lil' bit off track? Lol!
Back on track.

First impression is usually last. Once you made bad first impression about someone, chances are you will forever stick to that first impression. It is very difficult to eliminate the first impression unless we spend a lot of time with the person that we made first impression about. 

In simple social situation setting, imagine you meet someone new at your friend's party. First thing you will notice is the way he/ she dressed up, the warmth of the hand gesture, the facial expression. Those are among the aspects that you will consider in order to stay still having conversation with he/ she OR to leave them to go to the another corner of the party.

In a nutshell, always try to appear presentable be it the way you dressed up or the way you carry yourself.

That's all for now, see you in the next entry!

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