Monday, November 7, 2016

Menjelang umur yang ke-2?

Dulu aku tak kisah pun bagitahu umur aku kat orang.
Sekarang, menjelang umur 2? ni.. tiba2 rasa tak selesa untuk
Bagi aku, umur aku dah terhenti setakat tahun lepas.
Maksudnya, tahun ni, tahun depan dan tahun2 yang akan datang,
umur aku sama macam umur tahun lepas.

Kenapa jadi macam ni ek? Hahhaa

2? :

- You are getting older, so does your parents. Spend more time with them.
- It is a lovely age that marks a person's level of maturity in the many areas of life.
- It is the age where everything is slowly fall into place.
- Getting strong and stable in relationship, financial and etc.
- Quality over quantity.
- Focus on long term goals.
- Focus on inner peace.
- Kumpul asset!
- Invest asset!
- Know how to differentiate between needs & wants.
- Keep in mind, car is liability! You don't have to buy a luxury car if a decent car could
do the same as the luxury car. Function over brand please.
- Take charge of your life.
- Cherish the little things in life.
- A little bit childish is still acceptable.
- Gain new knowledge. You don't have to enroll in university or class. Pay attention to
your surrounding & read!
- Crush? Why you still have crush. You supposed to have someone special at this age lorhh
- Stop stalking people.
- Go early to bed & early wake up.
- Drink more water.
- Exercise. You must take good care of yourself. Go exercise, get a fit body.
- Smile moreee :)))

The list goes on!
I shall continue later :D