Tuesday, July 11, 2017

This post is made via phone.

It is 3.20 in the morning. This is my first attempt to try to log in to this blog via new phone (read: not-so-new phone).

We are still in a raya mode. Well, rayakan sebulan. Today is raya day 17. I'm putting my best effort to finish puasa enam ­čĺ¬Tomorrow would be the 3rd day. Awh, I shall go to sleep now. Gonna wake up for sahur at 5 a.m.


Monday, April 3, 2017

2nd Quarter of 2017.

I found my perception towards something is changing.
I am becoming more tolerate.
It just...


Or I'm actually becoming more lenient ?

Ahh I'm living a dull life !
I want to get out of here.
But I'm afraid.
Afraid to get out of the invisible cage.
Afraid to get out of the comfort zone.
Afraid of the uncertainty.

Why ? Why ??
Why you always underestimate yourself ?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hello February 2017!

I shall continue later... and today is February 1st, 2017.
2 months has passed since the last entry.

Hello reader!
Does this blog even have its reader? Lol!

Now what?
Oh lately, I'm getting active on Twitter (read: I started to pay attention to my abandoned Twitter). I found Twitter is getting cool these days. Well, actually I never update the Twitter apps on my phone since the very first day I'm using it. Hahhaa

Nothing much to update here. I'm here just to fill the 'silence'.
Nah, that's all for now.

Monday, October 3, 2016

First impressions.

Hello, I'm back! :)

Have you ever heard about first impression?
So, what it is actually the first impression?
** Do not answer, those are rhetorical questions ;p

First impression is an interesting topic, I shall go into it directly. So, according to my dictionary:

First impression is the very first thought that you developed when you meet someone new.

The thought is usually developed within 6-7 seconds of meeting.

Imagine you are an interviewer. When the interviewee come in for an interview, what is the first thing that you will notice?

I shall separate this into 2 stages:

First stage (non-verbal):
Is it the way they dressed up?
The way they walking into the room?
Their facial expression?
The way they sit?

Second stage (verbal):
Is it their voice?
The way they talking?
Their body gesture when they talking?
The eye contact when talking?

The first stage is very important. That is when the first 6-7 seconds are in. You get to see how your future employee would dressed up for work. You get to see if your future employee has potential to be a leader or a follower. You get to see if your future employee is friendly or not, whether you could get along with them or not.

But to decide whether to hire them or not based on the first stage is not a wise thing to do. This is when the second stage come in. You will evaluate  their voice, their body gesture, eye contact when talking. Considering first impression from both stages plus the knowledge, experience and the attitude, there you go to decide whether to hire them or not.

Don't you think that I'm a lil' bit off track? Lol!
Back on track.

First impression is usually last. Once you made bad first impression about someone, chances are you will forever stick to that first impression. It is very difficult to eliminate the first impression unless we spend a lot of time with the person that we made first impression about. 

In simple social situation setting, imagine you meet someone new at your friend's party. First thing you will notice is the way he/ she dressed up, the warmth of the hand gesture, the facial expression. Those are among the aspects that you will consider in order to stay still having conversation with he/ she OR to leave them to go to the another corner of the party.

In a nutshell, always try to appear presentable be it the way you dressed up or the way you carry yourself.

That's all for now, see you in the next entry!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Kita semua orang-orang penting.

Aku suka baca artikel.
Tak kira la berkenaan apa, aku baca semuanya.
Selalu terfikir, bagaimana si penulis menyusun ayat dengan begitu cantik sekali
untuk sesebuah artikel.
Bagaimana mereka memasukkan elemen humor di dalam penulisan mereka.
Aku nak juga menulis dengan baik seperti mereka.
Blog inilah medan untuk aku praktis menulis.
Walaupun aku cuma menulis perkara yang boleh dianggap remeh;
Tak apa, start small.

Ok, itu baru intro.
Sebenarnya nak bagitahu yang aku baru sahaja berjaya habis tengok drama
Descendant of the Sun (DOTS).. yeahh!
Yela, tahu.. korang dah lama habis tengok drama tu.
Yang penting sekarang ni, aku dah habis tengok DOTS.
Sementara drama ni masih fresh di mindaku ini, aku nak buat conclusion la sikit.
Ini adalah general conclusion.. mungkin tiada kena-mengena dengan DOTS pun.


Tentera juga manusia biasa yang memerlukan kasih-sayang.
Tak kiralah betapa ketatnya muka mereka, betapa gagahnya susuk fizikal mereka,
betapa kasarnya cara mereka.
Mereka masih manusia biasa yang masih punya hati dan perasaan, yang punya 'taman'
di dalam hati mereka.
Hargailah mereka kerana merekalah barisan paling hadapan yang menjaga dan memastikan
kita hidup dengan aman di dalam negara yang tercinta ini.

Begitu juga dengan doktor.
Merekalah 'jurutera' tubuh manusia, yang berhempas-pulas di dalam memastikan pesakit
mereka mendapat rawatan yang terbaik.
Mereka juga manusia biasa yang punya hati dan perasaan.
Tahu tak, memaklumkan perihal kematian kepada keluarga si mati bukanlah perkara mudah?
Ianya memerlukan kekuatan yang bukan datang dari kekuatan fizikal, tetapi kekuatan dari
segi psikologi.
Hargailah mereka kerana merekalah yang selalu mengorbankan masa untuk merawat pesakit
yang tidak putus-putus tanpa mengira waktu.

Hargailah & hormatilah juga mereka di sekeliling anda regardless of their profession.
You know what, semua pekerjaan di dalam dunia ni adalah penting.
Tukang cuci, tukang kutip sampah, tukang turap jalan, tukang kebun, pengawal keselamatan,
pemandu, operator pengeluaran, eksekutif, pengurus operasi dan lain-lain.
Mereka semua adalah orang-orang penting.
Kita semua adalah orang-orang penting.

Itu sahaja buat masa ni, see you in the next entry on the topic 'First Impression' :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Rant on Korean Drama - Train to Busan.

Hello - I'm back!
I was thinking about writing on the topic 'first impression'. Then, I changed my mind because I just watched 'Train to Busan' a few days ago and this film still quite fresh on my mind so yeahh let's give an insight into this film.
Well, I don't have any idea that this film is actually about zombie. Korean zombie! It's been an ages since the last time I watch such film which is 'Zombie Kampung Pisang'.. hahaa. That was during my high school days.
The plot starts quite slow, suddenly about 15 minutes of watching.. the zombies appear at the train station! Then the plot expand very quickly where one by one been infected by the zombie virus. The scenes focusing on what happen on a train heading to Busan.
The most breath taking scene is when the zombies trying to attack the other passengers on the train. How those passengers try to survive on the train with other passengers that has been infected with zombie virus. They keep on running to the other side of the train where nobody been infected yet.
Here, we could see some of the passengers being selfish. They just want to save themselves to the extend they willing to sacrifice others life. However, there are also some passengers being considerate of others.
In the end, only 2 people survived and arrived in Busan after so many struggle along the way.
Foot notes/ questions:
1. How did the zombie virus been spreading? What is the cause to the zombie virus? -  The film only shows 2 staff spraying a lorry in order to clean the lorry body from any leakage from their plant. Then the lorry driver accidentally bumped into a dog/ deer. Surprisingly the dog/ deer still alive as if it never been bumped by a lorry!
2. What happen after those 2 people arrived in Busan? Did zombie virus stops like that? Busan is free from zombie virus? - I heard that this film is going to have sequel.
3. I like the way they portray those zombies. I mean, like seriously how did they film this?? Those chaotic situation on the train really took my breath away!
4. Did you know, there is a parody video of Train to Busan trailer? #rollingonthefloorlaughing
Check out this link:
Alright, that is all for now.. ciow!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Rant on the Human Behavior.

Saya paling suka subjek human behaviour.
Saya fikir, kita mesti memahami human behavior as we deal with human in our daily life.
You know, different person has different behavior. Ada behaviour yang boleh diterima dek akal dan ada juga behaviour yang tak tercapai dek akal.
Bagi mengelakkan kita daripada ter-tampar muka mereka yang mempunyai behaviour yang tak tercapai dek akal ni, marilah kita belajar mengenai human behaviour.
Dengan memahami human behaviour, I. Allah ia dapat membantu kita untuk meramal tindakan seseorang. Ia juga membantu kita untuk memahami kenapa seseorang itu bertindak dengan cara sedemikian dan seterusnya dapat membantu kita untuk mengawal the way they react dengan mengambil langkah-langkah tertentu.
Jadi, bila kita dah dapat ramal tindakan seseorang, kita tak akan berasa terkejut dengan tindakan mereka tu. Kita pun dapatlah mengelakkan tangan kita daripada ter-tampar muka mereka yang mempunyai behaviour yang tak tercapai dek akal tu.
Macam mana nak memahami human behaviour?
Start with observing people around you. See how they react/ respond in any given situation. Macam mana mereka react semasa dalam situasi biasa, situasi tegang, situasi sedih etc. Semakin lama you observe, you will see the pattern on how they react to such situations. From that, you could predict their reaction in such situations in future. Normally, the way they react will be same. Unless, they engage in continuous learning to improve various aspect of themselves.. then they will react better.
This is what I've been doing all this while. Observing human behaviour. Not only observing others' behaviour, I also observing the way I react in any given situation. So that, I'll have control on how I'll react in such situations in future.
Just so you know, If we both were talking;

I guess that is all for now. See ya in the next entry!

P/S: Esok nak ke surau, solat hari raya qurban 1437H.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rant on Korea Drama - Descendants of the Sun (DOTS)


Aku baru tengok drama ni sampai episode 11.
Another 5 episodes to go!
Rasa macam tak sabar nak tengok drama ni sampai habis tapi dalam masa yang sama,
rasa macam sedih sebab drama ni dah nak habis... huhuhu

Sebenarnya, aku ni dah dikira ketinggalan.
Yela, orang lain dah habis tengok drama ni bulan April.
5 bulan selepas tu, ni bulan September ni baru aku start tengok.
Ahh janji aku tengok juga drama ni kan.. kira ok lettew

Aku amik drama ni dari ex-staff.
'Perap' dalam laptop buat beberapa ketika.
Satu hari, ada buku 'Descendants of the Sun' masuk kedai.
I was like, 'What the heck? Siap ada buku?? Best sangat ke DOTS ni???'

Balik rumah, aku terus start tengok drama ni.
Sumpah, drama ni best!
BEST weii!!

Seperti biasa, drama Korea ada 4 main leads.
Dalam DOTS ada:
Captain Yoo Si Jin a.k.a BIG BOSS (Song Joong Ki)
Dr Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo)
Masterr Sergeant Seo Dae Yong a.k.a WOLF (Jin Goo)
First Lieutenant Yoon Myeong Joo (Kim Jin Woon)

DOTS ni basically mengisahkan percintaan antara tentera dan doktor.
Yang paling menarik, DOTS ni tidak memfokuskan percintaan semata-mata.
Tetapi DOTS turut mengetengahkan kerjaya sebagai tentera dan doktor.
I mean, they make it real.
Ada scene tentera menjalani misi ketenteraan.
Ada scene doctor menyelamatkan pesakit.
Cool sangat!
Siapa tengok drama ni, mesti tetiba ada rasa nak jadi tentera atau doktor.

Selain itu, DOTS turut menyelitkan elemen humor.
Captain Yoo a.k.a BIG BOSS is full of sense of humor!
Seriously, you gonna fall for it.

Scene yang paling aku suka?
Ada banyak!
Salah satunya, scene yang Captain Yoo bergurau dengan Dr Kang.
Katanya Dr Kang dah terpijak bom yang ditanam dalam tanah.
Apa lagi, cuak betul Dr Kang!
Bila dapat tahu yang Captain Yoo cuma bergurau, terus Dr Kang menangis.
Gurau pasal bom kut, haruslah cuak sampai tahap  menangis.
Klik link bawah ni untuk tengok scene tu:

Dr Kang terpijak bom?

Oh ya, OST Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) ni pun tersangatlah sedap!
Kalau tak percaya, nah dengar video kat bawah ni.
Aku paling suka lagu 'Always' <3 <3 <3 --> cuba membuat bentuk love tapi nampak gayanya macam tak jadi.. heh


Ok, part ni lebih kepada berangan:
Kalau aku seorang doktor, agak2nya siapa yang akan jadi BIG BOSS aku??
Mood: fangirling over DOTS. Tak. Sebenarnya fangirling over BIG BOSS.

DOTS was a major hit in South Korea and across Asia, congrats to all cast & production crews!

Korang yang belum tengok drama ni, sila tengok ok?

Confession: Aku taip entry ni sambil dengar OST DOTS tau. Nak amik feel la kekononnya :))

Friday, September 9, 2016

Rant on Korea Thang.

Sebelum tu aku nak buat satu confession,

Aku sayang blog ni.
Sebab tu, aku kembali ke sini walaupun last entry was like 2 months ago.

Alright, cut that out.

Another confession,

Aku bekas peminat tegar korea's thang.
Artis korea, drama korea, game show korea, lagu korea semua aku layan.
Fangirling over artis korea, huh tak payah cakaplah.
Aku minat Max (DBSK), Dong Woon (BEAST), Jong Hoon (FT ISLAND) and many more.
Aku tak pernah ke konsert artis korea.
Aikk kata peminat tegar? Tapi tak pernah pergi konsert artis korea?
Ye, peminat tegar. Bukannya peminat fanatik.
Paling kuat pun aku beli barang2 related to korea thang kat satu kedai dalam Times Square.
Itu je.
Kawan aku ada yang fanatik sampai pergi konsert.
Harga tiket tak tercapai dek akalku, sampai beratus kut!
Masa diploma dulu masih budak2 lagi, tak tergamak nak berbelanja sampai beratus macam tu.
Paling best, aku ada banyak supplier korea thang ni.
Suppliers: classmate, coursemate, roommate, kawan kepada roommate.. eh ada jugak?
Itu dulu la, masa zaman amik diploma dulu.

Masuk zaman amik degree, semua tu dah slow.
Ye la, dah berpisah dengan suppliers.. huhu
Memang slow down la.
Time praktikal pun tak layan korea.
Dah start kerja pun tak layan korea.
Kalau layan pun, layan gitu2 je.. throwback zaman diploma gitu.
External harddisk aku yang penuh dengan korea thang tu dah tak boleh nak open.
Arggh sebenarnya agak terkilan juga tau.
Ko bayangkan, penat kut aku duk kumpul cerita korea untuk buat 'bekal' lepas abis diploma.
Ah tak nak ingat lah.

Bila aku throwback balik perkara related korea thang ni, aku boleh tersenyum sorang2.
Kelakarlah, what have I done back then??
Aku sepatutnya join kawan2 aku pergi konsert artis korea!

Ahh yang ni aku ada rasa bersalah sikit:
Aku menyalahgunakan wifi kolej.
Aku selalu guna wifi kolej untuk tengok video artis korea kat youtube.. hiks!

Semuanya kini tinggal kenangan.
Ianya akan menjadi sesuatu yang boleh digelakkan di kemudian hari.

Oh, aku belum cerita lagi.
Aku terjebak dengan korea thang ni sebab roommate aku pun minat juga.
Antara lagu korea terawal yang aku tahu:
Balloon (DBSK)

Ok, that's all for now.
Next entry, I'll rant on korea drama - Descendants of the Sun (best siut drama ni!)

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Good morning!

Setelah sekian lama tak on laptop, pagi ni iols terasa rajin pula untuk on laptop. Mana tak rajinnya, iols nak (baca: terpaksa) transfer some file dari memory card phone ke laptop ni haa. Alang- alang dah on laptop tu, iols pun mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mencoret sepatah dua kata di blog yang sudah lama tidak ku jenguk ini.. hihhii

Iolss terpaksa transfer/ delete some files yang ada di memory card phone disebabkan phone iolls tu asyik memory full je. Bila dicek, haa mana tidaknya memory full.. segala barang tok kaduk dari hari pertama iols pakai phone ni masih ada dalam ni haa. Semalam iols dah transfer gambar, pagi ni nak transfer/ delete lagu pula. Banyak betul lagu lama, sangat tak up-to-date ye pilihan lagu iols ni.. ekekee

Jadi, di sini iols mahu mengetengahkan lagu yang menjadi halwa telinga iols sejak tahun 2012. Ceritanya, time tu iols ada crush dekat salah seorang staff di tempat iols praktikal. Lepas tu terdengar pula lagu ni kat phone adik, rasa macam sesuai pula dengan situasi masa tu. Padahal yang sama tu cuma dua line kat rangkap pertama tu je.. uhuks! Ok, itu je cerita dia.. Jangan main- main, Iols menaip sambil dengar lagu ni tau, nak ambil feel kekononnya.. kejap lagi nak delete nak masukkan lagu-lagu baru je.. Iolss tak plan nak berlama-lama kat sini, ok jum kita layan lirik.. zass!

Aku lihat dia disana

Aku ingin mendekatinya
Aku cuba menghampirinya
Lalu aku menyapa dia

Dia pun membuka bicara
Dan aku mulai mengenalnya
Kita mulai bermain mata
Mula timbul rasa bahagia

Bila dia, mendekati diriku
Hatiku rasa sesuatu
Bila dia, senyum pada diriku
Hatiku rasa tak menentu

Kekadang hati ku bertanya
Adakah dia dah berpunya
Kerana diriku berasa
Aku jatuh hati padanya

Aku ingin memilikinya
Aku ingin menjaga dia
Aku ingin mencinta dia
Aku ingin hidup dengannya

Bila dia, mendekati diriku
Hatiku rasa sesuatu
Bila dia, senyum pada diriku
Hatiku rasa tak menentu

Mungkinkah aku, kan berjumpa dengannya
Untuk meluahkan rasa
Mungkinkah aku, kan berdiam diri saja
Menunggu cinta darinya

Ku terima satu nota darimu
Yang tertulis 'Aku suka kamu'

Bila dia, mendekati diriku
Hatiku rasa sesuatu
Bila dia, senyum pada diriku
Hatiku rasa tak menentu

Akhirnya kini ku kan mampu ceria
Diriku sangat gembira
Akhirnya kini, aku mulai bahagia
Menerima cinta darinya

Aku suka dia