Tuesday, September 7, 2010

raya 2010 is coming!!

hmm..i'm not excited to celebrate raya this year.
it is obviously because i have a lot of assignment plus i have to make preparation for presentation after raya holiday.
and then i have a lot of replacement class also after raya holiday plus test and bla bla bla.
wokey,that's all after raya.

currently,we are counting for raya day which is might be about two day ahead.
i bet that you all already have your new cloths waiting to be wear during raya.
i have no new cloths but i have no regret.
i will only regret if i forgot to bring my baju kurung back to home.
it is because i have no suitable baju kurung for raya day at home.
frankly saying,i don't mind to celebrate raya without wearing new cloths.
yeah,i really don't care as long as i still can eat rendang,ketupat,nasi himpit,kuah lodeh,biskut raya..hmm what else??
hahaha..happy raya day everyone..wish you all have a nice day:)