Tuesday, February 28, 2012


'i want a milk tea', said the chinese student to the drink-maker. *but the milk pronunciation is quite weird because it sound like ''muilk''. so what happen is the drink-maker don't get it and he said, 'tak faham tak faham' sambil menggeleng kepala. coincidently, i was there and i get what the student said. then i told the drink-maker , 'dia nak air teh susu' *while thinking in my head, eh ada ke air teh susu? bukan ke selalunya orang order air teh??* and quickly i correct my word, 'eh, bukan air teh susu lah. dia nak air teh'. settled. then i place an order for my drink...air putih suam! =)

that's all. cheers!~

Thursday, February 16, 2012


have you ever had a situation that are more or less like this??

At the petrol station...

Ayah: Take this RM50 and go to the counter. pay RM40 for the petrol and the rest, pay for a loaf of Gardenia's bread.

Me: Alrightttt..

At the counter...

Me: *Monolog* eh, there are some money left after pay for the petrol and a loaf of Gardenia's bread. hmm what else should i take huh?? *looking around the shelf in Mesra* haa Skittles is done! hihihi ;p

so, here we go. Gardenia & Skilttles.

that's all for now.

thank you =)

Friday, February 10, 2012


okay guys (refer to whoever happen to read this entry), i'm on my 3rd day at work (internship). the interesting part is i work in the...err kind of compensation section. oh man, this is actually the worst part! i think this is what we call as what goes around comes around. compensation is the subject that i hate the most. and now, i got to work in the compensation section...huhu...nice!

the picture above is how my office look like during lunch hour. let me rephrase it, that is how my computer and table look like during lunch hour. can you see anything in it?? lol. so, today's lunch hour is quite long (12.15 p.m until 2.45 p.m) since it's Friday yaww.instead of going out for lunch, i prefer to update this blog. hmm maybe i'll out for food on 2 p.m...don't know yet...i can change my mind whenever i want.

about the work, seriously serious i don't know which part that i can relate with what i have learned in class. huh, so sad. whatever it is, i hope i can finish my thesis and do well in job for at least the next few month!

that's all for now.