Sunday, July 20, 2014


Aikk?! da 20 July 2014 dah?? * while making shocked face.. lol *

Assalamualaikum and good day readers!

First thing first, congrats to myself because successfully ignored this blog for nearly 6 months.. yeahh!

So, here I am to wrap these 6 months in just an entry.. can ahh? * boleh jerr.. ihiks *

Along these 6 months,

Life's getting better.
Work's getting stable.
Student loan payment still continuing as usual.
Getting active reblog-ing on tumblr (tumblr: it's some sort of blog which people usually post picture or quotes or short stories)

I also started to enjoy online shopping (Zalora of course.. ehh ter-bagitahu!)
Been doing several online transaction with them, to date.
Also made an online transaction with faraiskandar (ter-bagitahu lagi! ehhe..)


- On 8/3/204, we have been shocked with the incident of MH370 flight. The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak has confirmed that the flight ended its journey in the southern Indian Ocean. The truth is, to date, the dissappearance of the flight remains mystery with no solid proof.

- The company that I'm working with has done Putrajaya International Book Fair around 19-23 March 2014. Alhough, I wasn't involve directly with the event, I feel quite proud because it took place in Putrajaya International Convention Centre (which I consider as an exclusive place).

- Another book fair has taken place on 24/4-4/5/2014 in PWTC. I went to the book fair on its first day. And borong lot of books. To date, still have many that I haven't read.. huhhu

- FIFA World Cup 2014 has taken place in Brazil, it began on 12/6-13/7/2014. Germany won the tournament, defeating runners-up Argentina 1-0 in the final match. Frankly saying, I don't watch the match.. thehee.

- By the way, Ramadhan started on 29/6/2014 which is the day 18th of the tournament.

- Early July 2014, the world sees the Israel attack on Palestine is getting serious. Israel bombs Gaza on first night of Ramadhan. Israeli kidnapped Palestine youth, Muhammad Hussaian Abu Khdair and burnt him to death. And so many tragic incident follows.

- Another shocked news, not only to Malaysia but also to the world. A few days after the FIFA World Cup 2014, nearly a week before Syawal 1435H, another airplane incident occurred. It involved MH17 flight which been a victim of missile target which actually aims for Putin's flight! This occurred nearly Ukraine-Russia border.

That's all for a glimpse of what has happened and still continuing to happen, to date.
Will make sure to put an effort to update this later.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Currently in love with this song, Ikut Rentakku by Jaclyn Victor. Let's sing together, enjoice!

Jika mahu menjadi pacarku
Haruslah ikut rentakku dulu

Dulu bila kita bermula
Bukankah sudah ku kata
Jangan mengawal perhubungan

Engkau mahu ku serah diri
Bila nak bermanja kasih
Tapi sebelum itu renungkan

Ku wanita berkerjaya
Punya impian dan cita
Tak bergantung harap untuk berdikari

Dan diriku hanya mampu
Luangkan masa tertentu
Bercengkerama dengan teman lelaki

Jika mahu menjadi pacarku
Haruslah ikut rentakku dulu
Ku tak selesa dikawal selia
Dan didominasi hey hey!

Sebelum kita melangkah jauh
Haruslah ikut rentakku dulu
Dari gerak-geriku diatur
Lebih baik solo oh oh!

Usah timbulkan rasa curiga
Setiap kali ku tiada
Untuk menemani hari sepi

Kita dua insan yang dewasa
Perlu matang dalam cinta
Kenalah selalu memahami

Ulang Chorus

Dengarkan kata-kataku
Tiada ragu-ragu
Ikut rentakku

Kau harus terima
Itulah hakikatnya
Ikut rentakku
Ikut rentakku
Ikut rentakku

* okay, done singing.. get ready for work!